My Top 10 Young Adult Authors

I thought that it would be fun to list my top 10 Young Adult authors for you guys. Obviously there are loads of great authors out there and this is purely a personal top 10. Honestly if I could, I would write a top 100, but that would take too long. The authors listed are not in any particular order. So here is my top 10:

  • Amy Sparling: She is a self published author who also publishes under the name Cheyanne Young. She writes mainly romance with one series being paranormal romance. Her main characters are so relatable. I sometimes have a problem with finding main characters annoying, so her characters are just right.
    My favourite books: The Summer Unplugged Series, The Immortal Mark Series, Ella’s Twisted Senior Year, In Plain Sight, In Every Way, When Zoey Fell Too Far and Natalie And The Nerd.
  • Jillian Dodd: Another self published author who writes romance novels. Her books are for older young adults as the romantic scenes are quite graphic. She has written several best selling series.
    My favourite books: The Keatyn Chronicles, Hollywood Love Series and the That Boy series.
  • Katrina Abbott: To be honest I’ve only read her The Rosewoods series. But I loved it a lot, it is a 10 book series with romance and a bit of mystery. As you can tell, I love romance :). I never feel like her books drag on, as you would think in a 10 book series. This makes her books ideal for those who love fun and flirty reads.
    My favourite books: The Rosewoods series
  • Kasie West: She is an amazing romance author who writes so many of my favourite books. Her books are slow (but no too slow) building romances with happy endings. I love when the chemistry between two main characters builds with lots of romantic scenes that are not too explicit.
    My favourite books: Lucky in Love, By Your Side, The Distance Between Us, The Fill-In Boyfriend, P.S. I like You and On The Fence.
  • Kiera Cass: The Selection series is one of the best series I have ever read. I like how the two main characters start off as friends and then it builds into them falling in love.
    My favourite books: The Selection series and The Siren.
  • Elizabeth Eulberg: She writes books about girls who are independent with a bit of romance thrown in as well.
    My favourite books: Better off Friends, The Lonely Hearts Club, We Can Work This Out, Take A Bow and Prom and Prejudice.
  • Janette Rallison: She writes some romantic comedies and fairy tale twist books. Her books are imaginative stories that you just know could never happen to you in real life, but it’s nice imagining :).
    My favourite books: My Fair Godmother, My Unfair Godmother and My Double Life
  • Yesenia Vargas: Writes two series about typical teens who are figuring out what it means to make your own choices. To be honest I have only read one of  her series in full as I didn’t really like the other one. I would recommend trying the first book in both series, and then making your own decision about whether to read the full series.
    My favourite books: The Changing Hearts Series
  • Kody Keplinger: Writes young adult romance books for late teens that have sassy leads. The books have leads who are trying to figure things out and don’t really need the ‘heroes’ that are trying to help them.
    My favourite books: Lying Out Loud, The Duff, A Midsummer’s Nightmare and Shut Out.
  • Estelle Maskame: She is the bestselling author of the DIMLY trilogy. The books are about a girl who falls in love with her stepbrother. The whole series chronicles her attempts to keep their relationship a secret along with trying to sort out their own problems.
    My favourite books: The DIMLY trilogy.Thank you for reading my Top 10 favourite authors list. Who are your favourite authors, and which books of theirs have you particularly enjoyed reading? Post your comments in the comments section below.

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