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In This Moment by Amy Sparling

51MIXaR62hLIn This Moment
Amy Sparling
Series: In Plain Sight Series
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date:  24th April 2012
Pages:  161 pages
Format: Ebook
ASIN: B07532V61F
Source: ARC
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Clarissa Vale spent all summer building a greenhouse with her grandfather. Since his health is failing, this is the last time she’ll spend quality time with him. The greenhouse is her pride and joy, and the one thing keeping her heart mended after getting dumped by a guy who told her she just wasn’t good enough. So when it gets vandalized on the first day of school, Clarissa vows to find the person responsible and make them pay.
Gavin Voss’ home life is the very definition of shitty. His mom works too hard, too much, and for hardly any pay. His father is a barely-functioning alcoholic with an anger issue like a landmine, waiting to explode. Gavin’s only happiness is the soccer team–that is until the girl in his homeroom class catches his attention. Clarissa is beautiful, strong, and doesn’t put up with his shit. She’s also determined to find out who destroyed her greenhouse.
Gavin falls hard for Clarissa, but he’s keeping a secret. He knows who ruined the greenhouse. When Clarissa learns the truth, she’ll want nothing more to do with him.

This is the third companion novel to In Plain Sight, which is set in the same world but featuring different characters.

My Review:

This novel was given to me as a ARC by the author in exchange for a honest review. I loved this novel. It is basically about two people who don’t like each other at the beginning of the novel and then slowly start to fall for each other told in a dual point of view. Gavin and Clarissa’s sad life stories made me root for them both to be happy right from the beginning and I was very happy at the end. I found it annoying how long Gavin kept secret who destroyed the greenhouse. When Clarissa found out, she was understandably very upset and their relationship was ruined. I personally thought that she overreacted, breaking up a relationship with a boy she really likes just because Gavin knew who destroyed her greenhouse is silly. Although, her grandfather, who is going blind, did help her make it and won’t be able to help her again. While I did understand why she got upset I still got annoyed that she broke up her and Gavin’s relationship over it.

While this novel is number 3 in the In Plain Sight series, I found that there was no mention of the other characters in the other books. You could read this book first in the series, and then read the other books if you wanted to as there would be no spoilers. I would say that this book can be treated as a stand alone novel.

I most definitely recommend this book to those who like sorta enemies to lovers romances.




Have you read In This Moment? Did you like it? Are you reading any good or interesting books?
Comment down below 🙂

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