Top 5 things that annoy me in the book world

So today I decided to do something different and write about stuff that annoys me in the book world. Sometimes I find myself reading a book that I love, and all of a sudden a line pops out that really bothers and irritates me. Or someone does or says something that completely rubs me the wrong way. 


Be prepared for some mini rants and explanations of my comments. So without further ado: here is my list of top 5 things that annoy me in the book world:

1. When an author writes something that is completely untrue. Well… almost

Authors that write untrue stuff about real world events is really annoying for me. Stuff like; a particular country winning a sporting event in the book, while in real life they would have no chance of winning it.

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2. When a blogger writes about the plot in the review

In my reviews I put the blurb that is posted on Amazon and then write my review underneath, that is completely fine by me. What I find annoying is when a person rewrites the plot in their own words in their actual review. I understand that some author’s/blogs prefer it that particular way, I just don’t like reading them personally. If I want to read the plot summary I will read the blurb on the back of the book.

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3. When films that are based on books have completely messed up the casting

I will have imagined the character myself while reading the book, and sometimes the actor chosen is just so completely wrong for the role. It could be that the two main leads don’t have that amazing chemistry that makes it believable, or maybe they don’t look the right way and can’t change it. Usually it won’t stop me from loving the movie, but it may mean that my ship changes from what I liked in the book.

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4. Books that assume I know what the American school system is

I live in New Zealand and we use years instead of grades. I understand it kind of thanks to years of reading and watching American books, movies and TV Shows, it can be confusing though. Obviously authors don’t know who is going to read their book and they would be right to assume that their readers will know what American terms are usually. I sometimes just wish author’s would explain the American school system right out.

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5. When people judge me for reading a particular genre or book

I love to read romance and that is one genre that people judge you for reading. It doesn’t matter what my reason is, people will judge me. I will say that I don’t judge people (much) for reading horror or thriller books even though I absolutely hate those genres. I guess people will judge something that they have never read or know they won’t like because they get scared easily or they hate mushy romantic stuff.

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Alright, thank you so much for reading my list of the top 5 things that annoy me in the book world. Don’t forget to comment down below if you also find these things annoying or if you find other stuff annoying. 🙂

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